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Marketing Solutions for the Service Industry

  • Lead Generation
    Lead Generation


    Today’s local businesses must start building inbound marketing strategies.  Inbound marketing is where companies focus on being searched by potential customers online, instead of searching for potential customers. The investment with inbound marketing strategies represents a fraction of the financial outlay of outbound approaches of TV, billboard, magazine and newspaper advertisements. Businesses with limited budgets can produce far greater results, and have a higher marketing ROI (return on investment), by adopting an aggressive online campaign predicated on producing qualified leads. However, given the size of the internet and the vast amount of existing content, it leaves many businesses puzzled as to where they start.  Read More...

  • Website Creation
    Website Creation


    It's hard to imagine any brick-and-mortar business today that does not have a web presence. No matter if you have products to sell or just want to advertise your services it is imperative to get a website for your local business. The expectation of today's consumer is that information about businesses can be found on the web. Home computers, mobile devices and smart phones are becoming the trusted resource to learn about products and services. Consumers will go online to read product reviews written by experts or by other consumers, make reservations at a local restaurant, purchase tickets for a local movie theater; or interact with local businesses via live chat or social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Read More...

  • Grow Your Business
    Grow Your Business


    Sadly, most service business owners spend a large portion of their time and energy thinking about, managing, and working in, the day to day operations of their business. They are so involved in everyday activities that they forget to think about growing the business for the future. It is only after they realize that homeowners are not magically thinking about calling for service, or losing potential customers to competing businesses, when they do decide to start marketing. One of the biggest issues for business owners in the beginning is that they don’t know what to do, and many times waste tons of resources and money on campaigns that don’t create results. Here at Marathon Marketing Services would like you to avoid this problem, and help you get off to a strong start.  Read More...

Marathon Marketing Services, a division of Marathon Data Systems, provides a full range of marketing services for companies in field service verticals including pest control, lawn and landscape, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, janitorial, maid services, carpet cleaning, and many more.  By focusing on these service verticals, we are able to use our extensive industry knowledge to help our clients gain more business through our performance-based offerings such as website design and hosting, SEO, lead generation, search engine marketing, social media solutions, print marketing materials and more!  Our marketing services are affordably priced and are all designed with a heavy focus on lead generation and conversion. Our marketing services combined with our industry-leading software solutions makes Marathon Data Systems your one-stop-shop for technology solutions to help you grow and manage your service business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get Higher Rankings

seo iconSearch engine results are today’s virtual main street. Getting ranked highly on them is essential to growing your business and helping customers find you.


Website Creation Services

Get Seen Online

websitesWith our website creations services, you get a professional, full featured website. Unlike our competitors, it won't cost thousands each month!


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get Competitive

sem iconUnlike many SEM services which charge based on a Pay-Per-Click model, you only pay for the leads delivered. Get competitive and increase your ROI today!